Financial Health Check

Financial Health Check

You care about your team. When you see them struggling, you want to help.

Using publicly available statistical and financial data, our data scientists can create a customised report that will give you a statistical average for your team’s financial wellbeing.

With this information, we can create tailored wellbeing solutions that won’t cost your organisation a penny.


Employee Financial Vulnerability Report

Employee Financial Vulnerability Report

This report sheds light on the recent trends on payday borrowing in the UK. The research revealed the most vulnerable regions, industrial sectors and brought attention to those companies whose employees need an immediate nudge to change their financial behaviour.

You can request a tailored report to your organisation to see your overall staff vulnerability and how work stability foster a positive behaviour change.


eBook Mental Health and Employee Financial Wellbeing


Money and mental health. Two British subjects that we aren’t always comfortable with. This eBook aims to break down these stigmas and provide free actionable tools to help your employees with financial stress.

Request the eBook to gain insight on:

  • Actionable tools to nudge employees to tackle financial stress
  • How mental health problems and financial wellbeing interact
  • The link between money and workplace productivity

Case Study – WEC Group

WEC LogoWEC Team
Main takeaways 

  • 90% Employees continued saving after loan repayment
  • Reduced attrition to 2%
  • 25% Engagement
Alan’s Story “It’s not fair that one mistake should control the rest of your life. I was in a really stressful situation – in a hole with no one to turn to – I’m just happy there are companies like FairQuid who offer a fair alternative”

Case Study – Recycling Lives

Main takeaways 

  • 2 weeks’ worth of wages saved as a rainy-day fund
  • 55% savings to loan ratio
  • 94% approval rate
David“I’m an ex-offender and have been working at Recycling Lives for a year now. I really needed a bike to get to work as I do a lot of miles and was involved in a road collision on my old one. I wanted to get a good quality bike this time and was flatly refused credit by all other lenders out there. Because I didn’t have a credit score, I was high-risk in their eyes.
I had never had a loan or credit card in my life and it was difficult to get on the ladder. It was a non-starter”.