An ethical, community-based model.

We partner with not-for-profit Credit Unions to provide sound Financial Products.
An affordable & ethical finance ethos ensures there are no hidden aggressive loan targets (All savings are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme).


An innovative model based on employee length of service and performance

Existing Credit Scores can deny access and make costs unaffordable for employees who have low Credit Scores or past blips. We believe employee’s loyalty to their employer (length of service) and performance is a forward-looking view of an individual’s credit worthiness. Our model translates to higher approval rates including for those with impaired credit history.

not borrowing

Does not encourage borrowing

Our ‘Save as you Borrow’ product uses the point of borrowing as an opportunity to nudge employees to start saving regularly. By the time a loan is repaid, a healthy savings pot has been accumulated. Empowering change in behaviour towards saving, builds a habit which allows individuals to be financially resilient, next time an unexpected expense occurs.


Save with a Purpose

Independent payroll saving product makes it easier to stick to a positive habit. Employees automatically become members/owners at the Credit Union and may earn dividends on savings.
By saving with our ethical partners they are also able to extend affordable credit access to others in the community, auto enhancing your CSR footprint.