Things that make you go Yay!

When you start a new business typically you are focussing on idea validation, market validation, product validation to begin with. Very soon you move on to market sizing, revenue and expense forecasting, cash flow models to ensure you can not just grow fast, but survive too. Go-to-market plan execution then consumes you.

In all of this the thing that makes it all worthwhile and gives you the stamp of approval, is feedback on how you have actually made a difference in someone’s life.

Feedback like this (reproduced below) is what makes us go Yayyyyyy!!!

“Just a quick mail to say thank you for helping me out with this work based loan!

This has helped me out massively. Trying to look after three kids and day to day bills I found myself in a hole and felt I had nowhere to turn. I was maxed out on two credit cards, one with a limit of £3500 and the other £1000. My Vanquis card had an interest rate of 39.9% APR and the Halifax had a 18.9% APR. Some months my outgoings on these credit cards amounted to around £200 and this was just in interest alone! At this point no matter how hard I tried I felt this was never going to be paid. I tried looking into other loans to pay these off in full but was declined.

Thanks to this scheme I have been able to borrow £4000 and with some help from my first wage I have manage to pay both credit cards off in full. Both of these cards have now been cut up and cancelled to avoid falling back into the same situation. I now have one manageable payment of £280 for the next 24 months. The fact this comes straight out of my wages on payday makes it so much better for me as I don’t miss it. Knowing in 24 months I will be debt free and also will have accumulated £240 in savings is a huge weight lifted from my shoulders and for that I thank you!” a FairQuid user