Stuck in Persistent Debt: Want a Way Out?

More people than perhaps anyone realises is stuck in “persistent debt”, according to the financial watchdog. Around 3.3 million people are stuck in a cycle of only ever paying the minimum on credit cards and loans, with more money being paid out on interest...

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Lending Money to Staff: Pros and Cons?

We aren’t born worrying about money, as Yorkshire Bank likes to remind anyone who uses their cash machines.

And yet, for the majority of adults in the UK, money worries cloud our waking thoughts – and troubled nights...

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Do Employees Care About Workplace Perks?

With growth at 2% and unemployment at 4.8% in the UK, we might be forgiven for thinking the recession is receding into memory. And it is, for the most part. Except for the impact recent economic history is still having in the workplace.


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How to change bad financial habits & improve financial wellbeing

Vulnerability – historic low levels of savings in the UK

With interest rates at a historically low level (base rate reduced to 0.25% in summer 2016) spending helped the British economy to tackle the Brexit vote shock, and on national level provided a positive impetus for growth. This resulted in...

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Turning Employee Financial Wellbeing into Action

Many working Brits are living with an unnerving financial uncertainty, despite the majority having stable jobs with an income much higher than the national minimum wage. Low levels of savings and the lack of long-term financial planning exposes households to seek quick fixes...

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