Workforce Financial Health – Impact Analysis: The Story Behind the Numbers

FairQuid’s Financial Wellbeing Scheme gives employees the chance to save and provides them with access to ethical credit through a current and future view of their creditworthiness instead of a backward looking score view.

Savings contributions and loan repayments are taken directly from wages, ensuring employees can relieve financial stress...

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How to start saving more in 2018: Credit Unions

Everyone likes to save money. We compare our providers before we insure our cars, we shop around for the best mortgages, and we even betray our local supermarket in the hunt for a better deal – all in the effort to save ourselves...

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The Holiday Hangover

How repayments and debt consolidation can help your finances recover

January: a financial wasteland month. All the fun and excitement of Christmas has worn off, and what we’re left with is the financial implications of the seasonal excess.


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